Google’s +1 Recommendations in Search Results

Google has launched the “+1″ button yesterday. Google has integrated it as a part of search results and Google AdWords and hoping it will be available for websites as well. Google’s product is Google Plus 1 Recommendationslooking similar of Facebook Like button but limitation of share information Like button or Twitter.

Google’s Rob Spiro, the product manager of +1 said, “Today we’re taking that a step further, enabling you to share recommendations with the world right in Google’s search results. It’s called +1—the digital shorthand for “this is pretty cool.” To recommend something, all you have to do is click +1 on a webpage or ad you find useful.”

“The primary benefit is that search gets better. It gets better in the user interface immediately, and we’ll look at it as a potential signal to improve search quality as well. I find social search extremely useful, especially with the recent updates. This change continues the evolution of social search, and it’s a natural progression to improve the search experience,” said Matt Cutts, a Google engineer who is most known for leading Google’s search spam fighting team but who also helped launch Google Social Search in 2009.

I am excited about using +1 button and hope you are excited too. :-)

How To Make A Site Using Adult Content – Google

In a Google Webmaster Help thread, a webmaster asked how to make a adult site with family friendly content under the same domain.

Googler, JohnMu, suggested to PREFERABLY go with following points:-

  1. Choose completely unique domain, if not
  2. Go with subdomain, if not possible
  3. Use subdirectories, if can’t possible
  4. Try special URL parameters.

Here is John’s advice:

Generally speaking, if you can, I’d recommend separating your adult content from the more general content, so that it’s easier for search engines to separate that on their side as well. Using a separate domain or subdomain is a pretty clear sign, subdirectories alone may be little bit harder to recognize (but if that works for you, why not), and using URL parameters is probably even harder. One thing I would watch out for, especially with a site focused on user-generated-content, is that you keep your homepage clearly adult or non-adult focused. For example, if you were to list posts & photos from all parts of your site on your homepage, it might be that we end up classifying your homepage as being adult-oriented, which might not be what you’d want.

Here John also commented on the home page and said if user don’t want to home page to be associated as adult, then need to think this out a bit.

YouTube Extend Video Upload Limit

YouTube announced, they have increased the upload limit to 15 minutes for all users.

YouTube said to check the limit from upload section. Personally I got the extended upload limit. Here is the snap shot of my account.

YouTube Extend Video Upload Limit

Google Adsense New Look

Google just informed that they are rolling out a brand-new AdSense interface to all publishers. New interface is more user friendly then previously. According to Google it will heps in three main ways:-

– More insights. We’ve built in simple, graphical reporting and more options for you to easily slice and dice your data, so you can see at a glance what ads are working and which are not, and adjust your strategies accordingly.
– More control. We’ve made our ad controls richer and simpler to use, so you can better control which ads and advertisers you want to appear on your sites.
– More efficiency. It’s now much easier to quickly see earnings and payment information, to run reports, to find relevant features and help, and to make account changes. Our engineers have spent countless hours making sure that the interface is stable and blazing fast. We’ve also spent many hours in our usability labs with publishers, focused on making the interface easy to learn and use for all types of publishers.

For new interface of Google Adsense visit at